Self care day 12:Flower power

Again, thank you for joining me on the grand undertaking. There is going to be a lot of work for me and  I hope to be able to keep up. Please make sure to comment, share and follow along as I share some simple things to better your life!

Have you ever stopped and smelled the roses? Not in the “appreciate life” meaning but stopped and smelled a flowering plant? I have written that smell is a power memory trigger and there is a list aromatic oil sellers trying to get me to use their products to “heal” me.

It can be quite refreshing.

I remember when I have sent my wife flowers on Mother’s day or Valentines day. She is a big fan of Tiger Lilies. I sent her a bouquet in college filled with them. The girls in her dorm complained to their boyfriends that they could smell her flowers from the hall and why didn’t theirs smell that good.

God bless the florist who made that bouquet.

So why not send yourself flowers? What is the social faux pas that makes it wrong? Why can you not make yourself feel special? We will go buy a video game or a new blanket to make ourselves feel better but hesitate on buying ourselves flowers.

Change that.

Have them delivered to your work and when a coworker asks, just say that you are treating yourself. Send them to your home and put them in water and wake up to them every day. Enjoy the smell of flowers when you walk in the door and remember that you matter to you.

Use them as a reminder that you are special.

Self-care. It can be as simple as stopping to smell the roses.

#hugapony my friends.