What is Stuffed Therapy?

If you are new to this blog and are wondering what this is all about, you are now in the right place! I will help guide you in what this is all about.

Stuffed therapy is trying to manage your panic/anxiety and depression using stuffed ponies. The idea has had several applications in the real world including:

Can Stuffed Animals Cure Depression

AARP using them as therapy for the elderly

Using stuffed animals as service animal replacements.

Taking this idea of having stuffed animals as therapy animals, I decided to start carrying a small, pocket sized Fluttershy (from My Little Pony, a favorite show of mine). I took her everywhere. She became a talisman against my depression. I got used to rubbing her nose to fight off and calm down anxiety. I trained my body to react and calm down when I have her.

I have assisted many others in this same method. I know quite a few people it has helped. Whenever I am helping console someone, I have a plushie or two on hand to help them through it. I combine stuffed therapy with several of the grounding technique to help people. Grounding is another method of calming a person down. Examples include: Find five things you can see, four things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste, and you work down to center yourself. It works like a grounding rod for lighting in that it takes all the emotions and forces a person to pay attention to those specific actions. It has proven very effective in helping calm people down. Stuffed animals can provide most of the needed grounding.

I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. I do not claim to have scientific studies that prove anything I say works. I rely on my personal experience and my involvement in helping others. I believe in finding different ways to help people fight off these mental illnesses. I have seen people’s lives change because of this.

I hope it helps everyone.


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