Special People

I was at the convention, Anime North Texas, when I got asked to do a special job. I was put in Guest Relations. This met I got to pick up voice actors and pro cosplayers from the airport, make sure they made it to panels on time and make sure they were fed.

It was awesome.

I have always been good at customer service and this was no different. I just had to provide the best possible care for them. It is always fun for me to make people happy.

And I think I did.

I got to help pick up Cherami Leigh and her husband from the airport. It was so awesome just being able to talk to her. See how much she loves her job and seeing her “geek out” over other (in her opinion) more famous people was a adorable. She was one of the most kind actresses I have met.


Then there was Josh Martin and Chris Rager. They both had tables next to each other as they have been friends for awhile. They would play off each other for the people coming by their table. I got to sit near them at a special guest dinner and they were both amazingly funny. Again, just being able to talk to them about their work was so cool. They were very down to earth but they were awesome people.


(Sorry Chris, I could not get a picture with you!)

I also got to see an old friend from conventions past. Greg Ayres was someone I knew when I started doing conventions. I would do security for his dances. He is still the best DJ I know at conventions. He brought down the house. Seeing him outside his DJ was cool as well as he would talk about his new projects. Seeing him get excited about his own characters and having him giggle over how they came out the way he intended was so spectacular. He is so much fun to be around.


QuantumDestiny cosplay was super cool. I had to rush to the airport and pick her up. This was her first convention in Texas and she was so cute to watch. Her cosplays were amazing and she showed her skills off impeccably. Her skill at both cosplay and talking about it showed in each of her panels. She was truly one for the fans. (I do not have a picture of her unfortunately).

Then there was Chuck Huber. This guy had more energy than most toddlers. He was out and about. He had a table near my wife’s and we got to watch him in action with his fans. He would go out of his way to make sure that each one was made to feel special. Seeing him gave me so many ideas of how to be if someone looks up to you.


And then there was one other person. Someone I was not expecting.


I got to do my first panel, solo. It was called Surviving Fantastic Fandoms. I was not expecting the crowds being a Sunday morning panel. Being that as it may, I had 20 people show up to see me. It was so amazing talking about what I do at conventions and how to “act” as both a attendee and as a staffer.


I was not expecting to touch people as I did. I had people who were at the panel come up to me afterward and thank me for the panel. It felt so weird. I was not special, in my mind. Then I had someone buy me a Fluttershy hat. I had someone come up and give to me. I did not know how to respond other than thank you.

I was so confused. I am nobody special. I was not famous. I did not do anything. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a friend later who informed me. He told me that I must have touch someone in a special way for them to do that. He said that act was a sign I was special.

I am still in shock over everything. But, I am coming to grips with the fact that I was not “Getting a big head” (as is my biggest fear of all). I want to let everyone who I interacted with know that you are ALL special to me and that I was beyond touched by how much fun we had. I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL!!

I will hug a pony with joy over the memories!


Panel day!!

It’s finally panel day!!!!!

My first solo panel, Surviving Fantastic Fandoms, will be starting in a few hours.

And I am so excited.
I don’t know what to expect.

I am going to try and let myself relax but I am so nervous. I have had a few personal things go on in the past 2 days that I cannot bring up that are really bothering me. I am going to try and push on through.

As a thousand things race through my head, I am drawing on the strength of you, my friends, and all my ponies. It has been an incredible journey to get from a place of depression to a panel in front of people talking about things I love.

I look forward to meeting some of you there.

If you are reading this after the panel, welcome. You happen to pick a blog post that is a big milestone in my life. Join me and help others as well.

Thank you all.

I love you all.

Hug a pony my friends.


I am counting down to my panel. I will be speaking on the joys and downfalls of fandoms. I will be drawing from my 10 years of convention experience and all the fandoms I have been a part of in the past.

I consider myself a leading consultant in being teased in the fandoms I have been a part of. I have been through the years of being teased. In the 90’s it was Star Wars and the in depth detail I remembered. I started to wear a rubber dog nose to make people smile (my early adventures into being a furry) Lord of the Rings and the Shannara series followed those wonderful books. In the 2000’s I started in more fantasy series and started back into some animes I got into. 2010 started the full-time Furry and the My Little Pony.

Through all these times I was ridiculed and laughed at. I persevered through all the people who rode my back with the names that carried through the ages. I still bare the verbal scars.

I do hope to help others find things they love. I hope to share my hardships and to encourage those who might be feeling low.

In all this, I have to overcome my own fears and depression. I am nervous beyond all measure. I hope this will help resolve my own questions about my abilities.

Wish me luck.

Hug some ponies for me my friends.

PS I have added a donation button added to my home screen. It is set for 5 dollars. I hope that if anyone feels the need to help, I will use the money to promote this page more (and even go for a Pro account with a .com).

Home again

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a very long weekend. I got to see friends and family. We had an incredible time with hardships and laughs. I thank every one for their service in volunteering and hoped all the attendees had great time.

A few quick notes. I loved the panel that I got to help lead. I feel the group had fun and we loved putting on the show. If you attended the panel make sure to drop a line. I will have more info on it all later.

I wanted to share that during the convention I experienced a personal family emergency. We are very shaken up and ask for your thoughts and prayers. I will update when I can. I ask for patience in this matter and thank  you for understanding.

Hug a pony my friends.

The “Big” one.

Yes this is the reveal trailer. I will tell all in my new blog post!!!! Just include $19.99 in three easy payments plus shipping. The most talked about secrets will be yours right here right now!

OK so not really but I have an announcement.

I have a panel at a convention.

Actually, I have two panels at 2 different conventions.

Excited yet?

The first panel is this Thursday in Dallas, Tx and Akon 26 (http://www.a-kon.com/). I will be joining Three friends of mine, Nick Mangieri (Knightengale Music Advising). Ronin Jasso (twitch.tv/thegigalounge) and Ray Batts (Sickhead Games) for an awesome time of fun with fandoms and games! We just wrapped up a pre-launch Podcast that is here:

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKqNUoBjTcc

Check it out and leave a comment or better yet, come see us in person!!!! This will be first offical panel with My Stuffed Little Therapy and I cannot contain the excitement that I have. It will be great!

The second panel I will be flying solo at Anime North Texas (http://animenorthtexas.com/). I will have main stage for this one and I hope to have a great turnout. Here is the purposed listing.

Daniel “Codefreak” Permenter, avid blogger and possibly the world’s biggest Brony shares the means and hows on surviving fandoms both at conventions and in the real world. He will share his feelings and knowledge of blogging and the secret of “Stuffed Therapy”. He will also share his personal insight on family cosplaying and raising the next generation of anime/convention lovers! Check out his personal blog at https://mystuffedlittletherapy.wordpress.com/

I cannot wait to see what happens.

I ask all of you a big favor. Spread the word!!!! I hope to have a great turnout. If you know people who would want to come see me let them know about it!!! I will be promoting these as much as I can without being annoying. Well, too annoying.

Hug a pony my Friends!!!