Death comes in threes.

I have looked were that phase came from, but there is not a whole lot of information on it. I do know that it is a much truer statement than I care to admit. These past few months have been crazy. I know I have held on as much as I could for my family.

Our pet Guinea pig died this morning. His name was Pascal from the movie Tangled. He was my daughter’s first family pet. My wife got him from a gentleman about 5 years ago who was getting rid of him following a bad break up. It was her pet and she loved him. He was nervous of us at first but soon, when he realized that we all loved him and was caring for him, he was very happy in his new home. He loved fruit and veggies. His favorite was the tomato. He would get one and he would squeal like a pig (go figure). When he was especially happy he would do little hops (or as my girls called it “he is doing his popcorn dance!”).

He was getting old here lately. He never liked being moved (our last move was 3 years ago) and we were not looking to move again. He was at least 2 years old when we got him and we had him for almost 5 years. We knew his time was coming soon.

I am tired of death. The death of the unborn, the death of a family member, and now the death of a family pet have worn me thin. I am having to explain once again about death to my daughters. Parenting has never been easy. This is by far one of the hardest experiences to help them through. I just need a break.

I think it is time to hug a pony.Sad_fluttershy


Death of a friend.

I found out today that my pet dog that has been in the family for quite a while passed away today. He was a fantastic companion that was there for me in so many ways.

I got he when I first moved to Georgia for the first time. He and his 3 sisters were left in a box on the side of the road near our property.  Pretty common in the country. We all decided to keep one puppy each. The only other option was to euthanize them and after we had just rescued them we couldn’t do that. Besides there was something special about them.

I pick my Tyty out of the bunch because he came up to me out of the box laid down and fell asleep on me. I was still upset with moving away from family and friends that i had known for years and wanted nothing to do with the dogs, but he chose me.

I was touched.

We set about training them and guiding them. Along the way 2 broke out of the pen and ran away. Another broke into a neighbors farm and was shot (wild dogs are a very serious problem where we were so this was not uncommon) but my Tyty was still there.

He ran off a pack of coyotes that had circled the house one night (a very very long night with them howling).

He followed us through the woods on excursions.

He was there when I went off to college.

He was there when I came back.

He was there when I proposed to wife.

He had become a family member and was in our hearts for 14 years.

My sister texted me that he had passed. We are unsure how it happened as he was found near the road. My sister commented on how thos past month he had done so well they let him off the chain to roam around free. He had not gone after any farm animals in a while so they had trusted him. We both thought that him being free was good for his last month.

I promised myself i would not get emotional writing this but i have failed. Tears now run down my face and my jaw is clenched. Ty was my pet, my companion,  my friend, and my family. 

I’ll miss you boy.

You will be in my heart forever.

Love you Tyty.

Hug a pet and a pony my friends.