Anxiety now?

So I have been on medication for almost 2 weeks now. I have been without pain from the day I started.

It has felt amazing.

My headaches have not been there. My back is loosening up. I have slept well. This isn’t to say I haven’t had a few side effects but overall, it has gone well.

And of course, today happened.

I have been running low on my medication. I have been meaning to call the doctor and talk to her about as I will run out before I will see her again. I called to get a refill and found out she had not prescribed one.

Ok no big deal.

I call my doctor’s office and ask to see if I could get another refill on it and they readily agreed. They told me they would talk to the doctor, and they would be contacting the pharmacy.

That was yesterday.

Today, I had not heard from the pharmacy. I called the automated line and it kept saying that it had not been filled. Getting anxious, I decided to call the pharmacy. I was not prepared for the quick conversation that followed.

“Yes I am calling about my prescription refill.”

“Name, Date of birth”

I replied with the correct information.

“Ah yes sir. I see that this was a prescription that did not have a refill. The doctor has informed us that this will be the LAST time we will be refilling this prescription. We will not do this again.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your prescription was refill will be done in an hour please come by to pick this up then. Thank you”


I was stunned. I have never had a refill for this before. Heck, I have never had this medicine before.

I felt Ashamed and embarrassed. What had I done to be treated like a drug addict? Why was this said to me? Was my doctor mad at me? Did they think I was abusing my dose?

It was this downward spiral was further pushed down due to me being late on my medication. I had not had a panic attack in a while but this started a mild one for me. The feeling that I was alone and that no one believed that I needed to take my medicine. This is what had kept me from going to the doctor for many years along with the lack of courage to admit I had a problem and the willingness to do something about it.

This did quite a number to that.

I have talked to a few friends of mine and was told by a few that I was treated not only poorly but that this could be major violation. I have calmed down, and taken my meds.

I will be hugging a pony tonight.