1UP Definitive Studios Podcast/YouTube Extravaganza

Yes that is a mouthful. I just wanted to come on here and remind you wonderful folks that tonight I will, once again, be on the air with some fellow mates and be doing our weekly radio show. If you haven’t seen any of the shows yet, pop on over to the following link to check them out!


Or at our WordPress:


Come check me out live (or in chat) and bring your pony/plush to hug!! Flutterbat will be there!!


Those radio tunes.

I have been holding back a secret that I have been a part of for a few years now. Back in 2011, I was part of a online radio show called “The Bullshooting Show”. It was an online radio show that was designed to talk about just about everything. We had people call in about different topics and of course we had politics and video games and movies. All in all Myself and the cast that we had a great time. We reached over 11,000 listens and even had the owner of the program we used (Blog talk radio) email saying how much he liked our show.

Unfortunately, money and time grew thin and we had to end the show. People moved and life moved on.

But now, we are back. Under the banner of 1up Definitive studios (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxK2xe28ZfO_jxR6FfJ43g) , we now are bringing back our radio show through Youtube (and hopefully Blog talk again).

I have been offered my own show (My stuffed little therapy) and am considering doing a weekly show. This is an exciting time. I cannot wait to see were I go from here. Give us a look!

The “Big” one.

Yes this is the reveal trailer. I will tell all in my new blog post!!!! Just include $19.99 in three easy payments plus shipping. The most talked about secrets will be yours right here right now!

OK so not really but I have an announcement.

I have a panel at a convention.

Actually, I have two panels at 2 different conventions.

Excited yet?

The first panel is this Thursday in Dallas, Tx and Akon 26 (http://www.a-kon.com/). I will be joining Three friends of mine, Nick Mangieri (Knightengale Music Advising). Ronin Jasso (twitch.tv/thegigalounge) and Ray Batts (Sickhead Games) for an awesome time of fun with fandoms and games! We just wrapped up a pre-launch Podcast that is here:

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKqNUoBjTcc

Check it out and leave a comment or better yet, come see us in person!!!! This will be first offical panel with My Stuffed Little Therapy and I cannot contain the excitement that I have. It will be great!

The second panel I will be flying solo at Anime North Texas (http://animenorthtexas.com/). I will have main stage for this one and I hope to have a great turnout. Here is the purposed listing.

Daniel “Codefreak” Permenter, avid blogger and possibly the world’s biggest Brony shares the means and hows on surviving fandoms both at conventions and in the real world. He will share his feelings and knowledge of blogging and the secret of “Stuffed Therapy”. He will also share his personal insight on family cosplaying and raising the next generation of anime/convention lovers! Check out his personal blog at https://mystuffedlittletherapy.wordpress.com/

I cannot wait to see what happens.

I ask all of you a big favor. Spread the word!!!! I hope to have a great turnout. If you know people who would want to come see me let them know about it!!! I will be promoting these as much as I can without being annoying. Well, too annoying.

Hug a pony my Friends!!!

Our 1 on 1 podcast!

So, I managed something really cool this past week. I have decided to venture further into this realm of blogging and taking a few awesome steps in a big way. The first one was me taking the initiative and doing something professional in this. I had thought of a few things that would throw me in the mix but it really came down to my wife and a great opportunity that fell into my lap.

My wife is part of a networking group that helps small business. She is part of a direct sales company and was reaching out to expand her business. One of the gentleman in the group, Scott, runs an online podcast about people’s stories, businesses, and more. My wife suggested that I speak to him to further my career.

We talked about it and I agreed to do this and I did not know what to speak about to promote myself professionally. I do have lots of skills and talents and I wasn’t sure which to speak upon. My dear wife then suggested that Ispeak on my blog.


Talk about my blog?

In a professional format?

Oh my.

So I met with Scott and he was fantastic. He had an awesome setup and his demeanor was bar none.

And so without further ado, me.

In D flat minor.

Daniel Permenter, My Stuffed Little Therapy