Resolute Resolution

As we come to the midpoint of the first month of the year, we come into the time period where most of us abandon our “New Year’s Resolutions”. The first 15 days are difficult and making a habit to keep takes from 21-30 days according to most studies. So I have one question for you, dear reader.

How well are you doing?

I will be the first to admit I am not perfect. I have messed up a day or two. It has been extremely difficult to keep going with depression and my physical condition. I also tried a new thing where I started my “resolution” the day after Christmas. This way by the time New Year’s rolled around I was already a week into my workout and diet.

Now I would say again I have missed a day or two. I also weighed myself and I am 5 pounds (2.2 Kilos) HEAVIER then I was when I started the diet. It can be extremely discouraging to put time and effort in and not see the returns just yet. I understand the pain of not seeing the fruits of your labor.

Now is not the time to quit. Now is the time to push through. Now is the time to say I will continue instead of giving up. Given up? Time to start back. The key to it all isn’t failing. The key is to continue going even after falling. You pick yourself back up and you start again. Fell again?

Keep going.

Life isn’t going to stop because you fell. As much as wish we could get a break, or we make a break, life gives us no chance to catch our breath. Then, when we take a breather, we end up living in a “break“. In the moments where we are finding ourselves, take the day off, all activates that we need to recharge ourselves, we stay there.

Are you living in a break?

Find the motivation. Listen to the music that boosts you. Find that small reward at the end of the day that gives you the focus to make it through. Now is not the time to live in a break.

Now is the time to live for yourself.

#hugaplushie my friends


Happy thoughts.

It was a rough week last week. I cut out the primary pain medication I have been taking for almost 2 years. I am writing a post on it but it is still very emotional and painful for me to write about. In the meantime, I decided to write about something positive. Thinking positive in efforts to help those around me.

Today was Halloween and I was able to be with my wife and kids for most of the day. That alone is a positive. I have missed quite a few family events due to work and I was able to capitalize on this one, mush to my joy. It made me very happy.

I also was able to put on my ears for work. Being Halloween, they allowed some dress up. I personally try to seize every opportunity to have some fun and inject some craziness into everyone’s life. It reminded me of when I was a teenager.

In my teens I worn a rubber dog nose everywhere. Literally everywhere. I wore it for such long periods of time that the string broke. I wore it so much my face would have indentations for hours afterwards from where the plastic would have embedded itself in my face. I wore it to school, I wore it to go shopping, I even wore it to church! Why did I do it?

To make people smile.

Some of my favorite times were when I had a child or a grandmother smile because of what I was wearing. Seeing their faces light up with joy always brought a smile to me. Some kids would point and laugh and that’s okay some of them weren’t old enough to understand what I was doing. I just wanted to bring a little joy and light into the world and I felt I did by just wearing a simple dog nose.
Oh I had some of the older folks frown on me and tell me that I was doing something wrong which never made any sense to me. The occasional mother who would hush your child from having a laugh at my expense which was perfectly okay in my opinion. Still the mothers quieted the children because they did not want to cause a scene or any type of attention to what I was doing. It would always make me sad seeing somebody frown or look down upon me because of something I was doing. All I tried to do was just bring a little joy and light into everyone else’s lives around me.

When I worked at GameStop, I made sure to go out of my way to do you things, again, to bring a smile to people’s faces. Dressing up for a special event, or wearing the silliest hat to make people stop and laugh. Joy is something best spread around in my opinion and so I did my best to spread it around as much as I could. Being able to turn someone’s bad day into a good day was always a great feeling for me and I’m pretty sure it was a good feeling for those who I helped as well.

So tonight when I came into work I decided to throw on my ever so loved ears that I wear, again, pretty much everywhere. My co-workers all gave me a smile and said I was being silly. I told them right back that this is something that makes the night go by faster when you’re working. I had four or five customers come up to me and tell me how much they like my hat and in my opinion that’s me doing a good job and providing excellent customer service. Any chance of having a little silliness or having a little fun, especially at work, is a chance I always try to jump on.

And so dear reader, I hope that by sharing my story, I inspire you to do something to make someone else smile today. I welcome any and all comments in which you’ve made someone else’s day a little bit brighter. In this time of election, where the country and families seem to be torn apart by anger or hate  it seems only fitting to try and bring joy into other people’s lives. One of the things I’ve always noticed about bringing a smile to others is the smile that comes back to me. I do hope my story cheers you up a little and that you have a wonderful day.

#hugapony my friends.

I dedicate this post to JL. I hope I bring a little smile to you with this post.

One day at a time Ralph.

Wreck It Ralph. A wonderful Disney movie (which I love) that is about a video game character (another thing I love) that is depressed with his life (something I do not love but I live with). The main character, Ralph, is told to take it one day at a time. One day at a time is a wonderful view to take.

And something I have been trying to do this new year of 2016.

I made a vow at the beginning of the year to make 2016 a great year (I posted the link above). I am determined to do what I can to be positive. As I have a tendency to look at the bleak side of life, my wife often reminds me that you find what you expect to find. If you look for the bleak side of life, then that is what kind of life you will get.

I have had a very rough week this last week. I have felt more than beaten down than I have in a while. I shut down and didn’t talk almost at all on Easter Sunday. I normally would take time in this post to reveal what happened to me, how I handled it, and tell everyone to hug a pony for me.

Hold on to your hats, because I am not going to do that.

I am instead going to focus on the positives that have happened.

  1. I have moved to better place due to an amazing friend who opened his home to me and my family. He is one of the nicest, Godliest person I have known.
  2. I have been in better health than I have been in a long time. My medications have been working great so I have had some extra help to combat my deepening bouts.
  3. My girls are doing great at being homeschooled. I have been told that I have been a great teacher to them and they seem to be enjoying having me at home.
  4. I have been able to support my wife, to the envy of many other wives, with keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and keeping up with the home.
  5. I had a great birthday with amazing friends and family. They threw an amazing My Little Pony themed birthday and they jumped in with me in celebrating.
  6. I have made my blog a .com. I have been getting more mail about “starting” a business.
  7. I have had more interest in my blog from many different sources. I am waiting for more of these to come to fruition, but the uptick in interest has kept mine.

So there you have it, I am still fighting the fight even at the bottom of the valley. I hope this encouraging blog post helps people. Please sound off when you read this, on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, parcel post. Let encourage me as I hope I have encouraged you.


El quickly.

Just a short post today as I am needing a few mental health days. I will be doing a bigger post of what’s going on soon.

I want to celebrate a win or something positive in my life right now. So I focus on the following.


Evidently when you get a .com website, people think you are a business. I look at it as an awesome, positive movement forward. It made me smile so hard seeing it. Yes it is junk mail, but it is my business’s junk mail.

#hugapony my friends

All my little ponies.

Ah, I love it when people come to know a fandom. It feels good to see someone who has never recognized people who like a show/movie/game and saw, “while I don’t like this ‘thing’, seeing you enjoy it makes me happy” This has now happened with ponies.

This is so fantastic, I want to burst. She is so lovable and open-minded that I almost don’t believe her. I want to hug her, give her a pony, and say come back anytime. Seeing the people comment back is amazing as well. I would love to see more posts such as these.

, If you read this, know that I appreciate everything you wrote about. You have my utmost respect.


Eating crow.

I posted last about a news store that upset me. Now I am, in turn, going to try and do something different. I said some negative things about an article (and I still feel right and justified) but I believe that I need to change gears. I want to ask you, dear reader, a question.

When was the last time you talked about, or heard someone else talk about a positive customer service experience?

I can find ALL kinds of stories about horror stories of “XYZ” company that absolutely hates me the paying customer personally and does everything to make the customers life miserable. I can go on and on about the employee’s side of a store, about bad corporate decisions, or a dozen other things.


When is the last time you had a great customer service experience?

Have you even thought about it?

Do you remember what happened?

If I asked you to remember the last time a retail or online store or service did you wrong, do twelve stories come right to mind? All of them ready to let me know not to use a company for ANY reason?

I know mine.

I was shopping for Christmas about to go into a 12 hour retail shift and not really looking forward to it. I go into a Kohls and am picking up some pillows for my wife. I go to the (long) check out line and patiently wait my turn. I listen to all the people complain about the crowds and how long it is taking (all the while thinking to myself “IT IS CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!”). I step up to the counter with my goods, ready to pay and I greet the cashier. She responds with a hello and asked if I found everything. I said I had and the items I had were all I needed.

I then commented on how I saw on the way in, Kohls was going to be open 24 hours a day for the week before Christmas. I said I felt that was horrible and as a retail employee myself, I felt so sorry for them. The woman gave me a tired smile and said it wasn’t so bad but it was going to be rough the closer to Christmas it got. She asked were I worked and we made a bit of small talk as she bagged my items. I was about to pay when she told me to wait a sec, punched some things on her computer and then told me to swipe the card. I worked the pinpad, confused at why I had to wait but finished, Thanked her and told her to try and have a decent rest of the day and left. When I got in the car, I noticed that I had received the employee discount on my items!

Saving money like a boss!

Seriously though, she did not have to do that. She could have rung me up and been on her way. Instead she saw a retail family member, going through one of the worse holidays in retail I have worked (or anyone that I talked to about it had worked) and she took the time and helped me out. I was beyond touched. It is something I will remember always.

Thank you dear for that.

Hug a pony my friends.