A hard Dad’s life, for us.

It was, as we say in parentville, a long full day. It is 11:15 pm at the time of this writing and I am exhausted. This was a day for a Dad.

And I hope I was a good one.

I woke up to kids being awoken by the baby I watch during the day arriving. I made my coffee and Got the kids kids settled in for the morning. My dearest wife was up and out early with working (still an odd switch for me being home) and I prepared to start to the day. I was trying to get the coffee flowing in my veins but I could not get get motivated. I was sluggish and let the kids play and watching cooking shows as I struggled to get my rear in gear.

We have since moved into a new friends house. A lot of stress and pressure from were we were staying at was relieved. This brought with it a whole new stress. A stress that has made empires rise and fall. It has ended more than one marriage in my personal knowledge and is the one thing I have come to hate.


A dear friend who saved us from a difficult living situation has let us stay with him at no cost, and it has helped in more ways than I can count. The unfortunate side effect is that half our weekly income was also taken away in this move and we had to step up other bills. Medicine and medical bills have been due and past due. The shovel of paper is endless in the never ceasing tide in search of the green monster that I am to hold.

But it is not there for me to give.

I have been blessed by more people than I can name here who have come forward to help, and please don’t let me say that this is the most desperate I have been. I have lived in a time and place were I was trying not to steal a roll of toilet paper from work because I knew I had none at home. I have counted the pennies to go get a dollar burger from McDonald’s for lunch during a 12 hour work day and knew I had to make it last as my only meal. Hard times were every time.  I am truly blessed with dear friends and wonderful family who have helped me in every turn.

Help was also due today in the form of “tax return”. Tax time is a wonderful time for me as I have dear friends who I go to for my taxes and I get money to pay those horrid bills that stack against me. It seems odd to look forward to doing your taxes, but in my case I rejoice.

My dearest wife and I set out to do taxes and other errands. We had just managed to put money in the bank to pull us out of the overdraft scare that comes when automatic billing comes at the wrong time when we realized that it was late in the day and my wife had a work event going on soon. I also had been invited with my girls to go see Kung Fu Panda 3 and this was to be a time of joy with my daughters.

We went to the theater with friends and we settled in for a good time. I got us a Sprite to drink as it was going to run late and I did not want caffeine for the girls. My eldest daughter, however, did not appreciate the drink choice I bought. She sat there and refused my offers of drink to the point of tears. I asked in hush whispers what was the matter and she let me know she hated Sprite and all she wanted was water. I told her I would go and get her some when she burst into more tears and told no in full body horror. I sat shocked at the way she said it and asked why not and I was met with a “I don’t want to tell you.” I told her again to let me just go and get her some water and the look of horror filled her eyes and she begged for me not too.

I sat in my chair confused to what was going on when my daughter leaned in and said I didn’t need to spend the money on her. It clicked. I told her not to worry about it and I would go and get her some water so she could have a drink. She was crying so hard at this point, I wasn’t sure I could stop her. She said I didn’t need to spend money on her like this and she would be fine. I told her that she didn’t need to worry about that and I would go buy her a drink. She finally broke and let me go buy it for her but was still extremely upset that I did it. I told her we would talk more about it when we got home.

We left the theater in much better spirits as the movie was excellent (I will talk more about it in my vblog this week). We came home to my dearest wife returned and we all sat in our room for a nice chat. Both my daughters explained (in great detail for the ages of 6 and 8) that they knew how tight money had been and how their mom and I were so stressed about money that they were scared to ask for anything because they didn’t want to cause us stress.

My heart aches just writing about it.

Tears came to my eyes as I explained that I wouldn’t spend money I didn’t have on them. I told them I would never be upset at them for asking for things. I said the only time I would be upset is when I told them “no” to something and they kept asking or crying about wanting it. I explained there was a time and place to spend money and I would keep track of that. I explained that it was my job to worry about it, not them.

Oh dear hearts of children.

I realize that my stress had bled over to them and it angered me. It had disgusted me to my core. Oh little pitchers with big ears, what do you hear? I felt a failure as a parent. And then they did something magical.

I stood there beating myself up inside when they said they understood and that they would do their best to better. They said they loved me and mom and they would do what they could to help.

Out of the mouth of babies came redemption.

I still feel pride as well at how they reacted and handled it. I feel I have much work to do to be better, but they were with me with a second chance. Who hasn’t made a mistake?

I have.

And I will do better next time.

Hug a pony my friends.

Gone baby gone.

I want laugh, cry, scream, and panic all at the same time. My emotions are such swirling cauldron of colours, it is hard to discribe. I really wonder if this is going to be thing to break me.

My apartment complex is trying to evict me from my home.

I have a lease until September. I have been a resident for almost 3 years. Except for one time 2 years ago, I have not been late and that one time I was a day late because I forgot to drop off the check on my birthday. I thought I was doing everything right.

But life sucks.

My complex has been renovating our apartments for awhile now. They started right after we resigned our lease last year. We asked if there was going to be an issue with another year long lease and we were told no problem.

Well it is a problem now.

The management staff have been pressuring me and my wife to either sign a new lease and move to a different apartment  (with a new deposit, more rent) or be moved out as soon as possible. We told them that we were not planning on moving until our lease was up in September. They told us that was good enough and that we had to be moved out sooner. We have been talking to them for weeks and they keep getting meaner.

Case in point.

I went in today to sign my 60 day notice of non-renewal for our lease termination. My wife had signed and I was told that I needed to sign. I went in and asked for the paperwork to sign and was told that it wasn’t an issue. I was then immediately asked if I was moving out. I told the manager not at the moment, but was wanting to sign the lease ending agreement. She looked at me and said that I needed to give them a date of when I was leaving. I said as of that moment, when my lease ended. She said that I needed to be out as soon as possible, tomorrow if I could.

I just stared at her.

No, I asked for my paperwork to sign and they told about have we have to abide by their schedule and we needed to be out so they can do work. I told her that as soon as I know something i would let her know but I was not leaving tomorrow. She rolled her eyes and gave me the paperwork, which I signed and then left shaking I was so angry.

I am not a violent person. I don’t like it. I was closer to being violent than I have ever been before. I felt humiliation, depression, worthlessness. What had I done wrong? Why am I being pressured to leave?

I don’t feel safe in my own home knowing that she will try anything to get me evicted.

I am scared my friends.

I may have no home in which to hug my ponies….


PS. They have invaded my home. I was on the couch with my daughters watching TV and I had a workman knock on my door. When I answered he said he was here to replace the door and tried to come inside. I asked what he was doing and he said that he had a right to do it. 

I am now inside my apartment with no front door (they are replacing it now) with so much noise I cannot think. I am scared of who could come in when I am not home. I am scared of my own residence.

I have contacted a lawyer and they said until the try and evict us, there is nothing they can do. I have looked for someone to contact about this whole matter and every number I call cannot help me or I am told to leave a message.

I end this with tears in my eyes….