Daddy issues.

I hate most media and news sites. This is strong coming from a guy who professes love and tolerance (A Brony motto, and it falls in line with my Christian faith). This story makes me so upset, I start shaking. I have held on to this story for a few weeks so I could calm down to write it.

Let me start with a link.

Read it? I hope so cause this is my soapbox and here I go.


This breaks my heart. As a father of 2 daughters, I find myself in the same scenarios as this good sir.  The hate that has been generated is beyond useless and completely unwarranted. People who are criticizing this father need to reevaluate what they are saying. This man is not ignoring his kids. He is not beating them, neglecting them or doing anything harmful. He is not binge watching Game of thrones, Honey Boo-boo, or Sex in the City in front of them. He is spending time with his kids, letting them paint his nails (I loved some of the comments made about “his homosexuality”), and not shooing them out of the room.

This is a father who is spending his time doing something he loves with his daughters doing something they love.

Why is it that because it is a video game he is playing he is such a terrible father but if it was watching a football game its ok?

I cannot stand bigotry and that is what this is pure and simple.

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