The Shattering Glass

“Reputation, like glass, once broken, can never be repaired.”

Life is currently in the most tense state of mind that I have ever known. I have seen friends, family, and coworkers all tear one another apart and shred any hope of repairing a relationship. Rally calls for change, fights to keep everything the same, and everything in between is part of each daily life. I look at what I personally have been through the past several years. I look at divorce, a multitude medical issues, bills, restarting my life, being a father and I know in my heart that I have been through fire and worse. I am proud to have kept my commitment, as much as I could, to remain as kind as I can be to everyone.

One of the key elements of what I have seen is the pulling out of someone’s past as an example of who a person “Truly” is, usually at their worst. These cherry-picked moments to reveal the nature of someone from a time 5, 10, or more years ago that undeniable show that someone is terrible. Holding these as truth and never letting them die, these are the actions of people unwilling to accept that someone can change. These are actions that embolden others to not accept change or the will to ignore the same.

Is it like glass, never again to be repaired as it once was?

I look at my past and the stupid actions that I have taken. I have written regarding my anxiety and how it is a highlight of your worse moments that you relive almost daily. I see the changes I have made, the self-reflection that show my flaws, the actions taken to change those flaws, and to be a better person. If all of my actions are considered null and void, and they are broken glass, what does it matter if I attempt to make the change? Because, the change is not for others.

Its to change who you are for the better.

It is a fundamental ideal to strive for when making self changes. These actions are not for the sake of others, it is to change you. To make a better you in this life. The affects of those changes to those around you are a byproduct, a secondary response. The change needs to be in you, for you.

And sometimes that means working with broken glass.

When we see a mirror or window, that perfect sheet that is crisp and clean, we see it for what it is, unbroken. However, life does not allow for you not to be broken. You will go through hard times, troubles, and very bad days. With each crack, a piece of you falls off. It chips away at you until you have just a pile. That is when you can start to make a masterpiece. An unbroken plane of glass, like the white page, is just a beginning.

We can look at examples of beautiful mosaics and stained glass windows in cathedrals. These are examples of what can be done with time, patience, and effort with these same broken pieces. exquisite works of art that are not made by the perfect sheet, but by the pieces that came from them. Sometimes we have to be broken to be remade into something better and more beautiful.

Sometimes, we can change.

My two points in this post are;

Outside: What are you doing to be kind to others and allowing them to change, pick up the pieces, and be better? Are you not allow people to change and just throwing stones in glass houses? Are you helping others to move along with their reclamation project of making their mosaic? Or are you just looking at the shattered glass in disgust?

Inside: What are you doing to improve yourself? How are you fitting the pieces together to be beautiful? Are you seeing the stones thrown at your stained glass window, seeing the pieces fall and give up? Is it not easier to fix the few pieces that have fallen instead of the whole sheet of glass? Do you need help and are too scared or ashamed to ask?

I ask each and every one of you to do something kind for someone today. Help someone build themselves, maybe accept that someone can change for the better. Do some good, be the good in this world.

#hugapony my friends


Coming soon, to a blog near you.

Warning!!! Big Changes Incoming!!!

This is an update post as I have a few cool announcements to make.

1. I have now been published a 14th time on My Special People post was accepted and once it is published, I will post a link here. I will also be updating all my published works on the appropriate page so you may see and share them easily.

2. I will be back on the road with my live Panel on Stuffed Therapy! I will be at a show in March, details to come soon, and I will be looking at adding a second panel that will be added to the rotation. If you have never been to one, it is an amazing experience where I share personal experience with proven techniques to help everyone. We laugh, we cry, and we care for one another. I will be adding a page with more info soon.

3. Updated contact information page! I have a separate email address now for Stuffed Therapy! The email is! Shoot me a message there to say hey or get in contact with me to look at me coming out to do an event!

4. Last, but certainly not the least, the My Stuffed Little Therapy video blogs are coming back!! I know a few of you have been asking me about them and after careful thought, I will be bring them back! It will be ever other week from my normal posts here. I will once again partnering with and their incredible studio to be able to be live once again!

I hope you are all as excited as I am with these updates! Please leave a message here, email me, or just share the message!

Thank you and love you all!

#hugapony everyone!

Depression falls

I am in a total funk. I have not been myself and it shows. I have had so much happen this month and I am now at the end.

Only way to go is up right???

I have managed to survive (barely) this month and all its bad news. It has wore me down like water on a stone. Depression is always there for me but now it washes over me like a Texas flood. I hate the way it feels. I hate that I have reached this point.

I am now to the point that I am numb. I don’t feel anything. I just go about my daily tasks and try to not piss people off. I just feel so tired and cranky that I am biting people’s heads off even when they don’t deserve it.

Me being mean is a rare thing.

As someone who is a Canadian level of niceness, I tend to run with a much better attitude than I have been presently. Customer service skills are at MAX level for me as I try my best to do what I can to help the customer. I am just so frazzled by life at the moment that I just don’t have the willpower to be nice.

And it sucks.

Here is too a new month and hopefully better times. I am praying it will be so.

Hug a pony my friends.

My Fellow (wo)man

I love helping people. I have done so in my life as many times as I have been able. I will go out of my way to make someones day, if it is in my power to do so. Customer service has been part of my life. I have done quite a bit of counseling in my life as well. I have always felt I have done my part to help my fellow man.

or woman.

or Brony (especially this one)

Case in point. I had to run to the bank the other day and take a deposit for my store. On my way back I stopped to get some water for my guys (we do not have a water fountain or anything at the store so I buy some bottles so we don’t go thirsty). On my way to the car, I found myself stopped by a gentleman in another car who pulled right up next to me. The man started to talk to me but was having trouble getting words out. He kept stopping and putting his hand to his mouth like he had bitten a rotten apple.

Nice way to try and talk to a stranger.

He finally calmed down enough to tell me that he was a hydraulic engineer and he was on his way home from work in town A (an hour south of me) and was going another 30 minutes to town B (30 minutes north of me). He had left for work that morning and he had left his wallet at home. He was almost on E and just needed some help getting home.

Now, I had to stop myself because I am not a fan of panhandlers. Where I live it can be a serious problem. I have 2 uncles who have lived the transient life style and I know quite a few do so by choice. Before you start bombarding me with messages about homelessness and the problems, let me tell you I agree that this is a serious problem and should be addressed. Just, not by panhandling. But this guy pulled up in an Acura Legend. Not the kinda car (or anything) that a homeless person would drive.

So I listen carefully to his story and he is stuttering trying to tell me that anything I could do so he could get home would help. He offered me his hoody, his crossword puzzle book he had, anything he had in his car. He stopped at that point and choked back tears.

He was ashamed to ask.

I stopped him there and told him that I would give him all the cash I had (more than a dollar less than a hundred). He face lit up. He started muttering a thank you as he tried to get his hoody off when I stopped him. I told him to keep it on. No need to give me anything. He offered his crossword book and I said to keep that too. I told him to just pass it on to someone else. He thanked me profusely and drove off.

Now, this is not a story of kindness, as much as I would like it to be. This is a story of a society that has come to a point that people have forgotten the random acts of kindness. The self-centered nature that has become embedded in us is separating us. Sure we hear of the news of a Starbucks who did a “pass-it-forward”. But seriously, what good is that?

“I paid for the coffee that I would have purchased anyway to give it to someone behind me”

You want kindness? You have to give it.

I only hope I can give enough.

Hug a pony my friends.


I have not forgotten this blog, dear reader. I have been busy. I have started in the journey for knowledge. I have to keep this post short as time for me is almost gone at this point, but I believe it is for a good cause. I have not even had time for my two favorite pastimes, reading and video games.

People have been asking me what I have gone back to school. I have been asked this question a LOT so I will come out and say it. I am in a online Tech school for CISCO certifications. I have decided to pursue my career in computers (something that I enjoy and love).  I hope to finish my Basic in about a month or so. I am very excited.

I hope you will bare with me through this time, post here will be shorter. I hope you can stay with me and I will try and keep you posted. I have a few articles I want to get to and some other life changes coming.

Hug a pony my friends.

The “Big” one.

So. I have teased this long enough. I said I had an announcement a bit ago and I have been dragging it out. I have lead many of you, dear readers, along this merry journey. I have gone back and forth about telling you anything. I am doing it right.

And I am still doing so, for my own amusement.

OK, enough is enough. I have have decided to go back to school.

OK, settle down with knives and pitchforks, I know it wasn’t the earth-shattering news you wanted but this is a big step for me. This is especially hard for me as I will be still working a full-time job (more so being salary in retail [YAY mandatory 44+ hour weeks!]).  I will still be a father of two very active little girls. I will still have to help a wife who is starting to take off in her side job, after being a stay-at-home mom, by selling awesome nail wraps (which are really awesome, so awesome I will plug them here [LOVE YOU SWEETIE]).

This was a choice that I had made a few weeks ago. I have had enough of retail at the store level and I want to get out. This makes me sad as I really enjoy helping people. I read a beautiful blog post a friend on WordPress pointed out (Hi, . You can find it here .  It talks about those exceptional customers that make your day. People who bring a smile to your face. Making customers for life because YOU helped them find that perfect item that just made their son/daughter/parent/friends day.

I know I have had more than a few.

Encouraging the little boy of his enjoyment in little pastel colored ponies.

My wonderful husband and wife couple who comes in every week. They came to see me for the first few months at my store. I was a new face at the store and they encouraged me when I saw them. We got to know each other, she had battled cancer, he was retired helping her. They are good people. We laughed and joked at new things, old things, and everything in between. I almost lost it when He came in one week and I asked where his wife was. He calmly explained how she was back at the hospital, the cancer had come back. A few weeks later they both came walking back into my store, she had lost about 30 lbs, he was helping her. I was close to tears when she saw and stopped me. She told me to dry my eyes and that she wasn’t dead yet and If was going to cry on her, I would be useless to her. She made a few VERY off colored jokes about death and had such an amazing attitude about it, anyone would feel better.

There are moments like these that make customer service beyond worthwhile. I treasure each and every one of these. But, I feel a change is needed. For every one of these there are ten more of some rabid customer who is practically foaming at the mouth to sue you over not having the right color item that no one has ever made.

It makes me sad.

And So, I will continue to pursue this education. I think it will help me further my career path and want to expand my horizons. I ask for your help and encouragement in this endeavor. I will be walking that path with a plush pony in my pocket. Thank you all.

Hug a pony my friends. Spread some cheer.