My Fellow (wo)man

I love helping people. I have done so in my life as many times as I have been able. I will go out of my way to make someones day, if it is in my power to do so. Customer service has been part of my life. I have done quite a bit of counseling in my life as well. I have always felt I have done my part to help my fellow man.

or woman.

or Brony (especially this one)

Case in point. I had to run to the bank the other day and take a deposit for my store. On my way back I stopped to get some water for my guys (we do not have a water fountain or anything at the store so I buy some bottles so we don’t go thirsty). On my way to the car, I found myself stopped by a gentleman in another car who pulled right up next to me. The man started to talk to me but was having trouble getting words out. He kept stopping and putting his hand to his mouth like he had bitten a rotten apple.

Nice way to try and talk to a stranger.

He finally calmed down enough to tell me that he was a hydraulic engineer and he was on his way home from work in town A (an hour south of me) and was going another 30 minutes to town B (30 minutes north of me). He had left for work that morning and he had left his wallet at home. He was almost on E and just needed some help getting home.

Now, I had to stop myself because I am not a fan of panhandlers. Where I live it can be a serious problem. I have 2 uncles who have lived the transient life style and I know quite a few do so by choice. Before you start bombarding me with messages about homelessness and the problems, let me tell you I agree that this is a serious problem and should be addressed. Just, not by panhandling. But this guy pulled up in an Acura Legend. Not the kinda car (or anything) that a homeless person would drive.

So I listen carefully to his story and he is stuttering trying to tell me that anything I could do so he could get home would help. He offered me his hoody, his crossword puzzle book he had, anything he had in his car. He stopped at that point and choked back tears.

He was ashamed to ask.

I stopped him there and told him that I would give him all the cash I had (more than a dollar less than a hundred). He face lit up. He started muttering a thank you as he tried to get his hoody off when I stopped him. I told him to keep it on. No need to give me anything. He offered his crossword book and I said to keep that too. I told him to just pass it on to someone else. He thanked me profusely and drove off.

Now, this is not a story of kindness, as much as I would like it to be. This is a story of a society that has come to a point that people have forgotten the random acts of kindness. The self-centered nature that has become embedded in us is separating us. Sure we hear of the news of a Starbucks who did a “pass-it-forward”. But seriously, what good is that?

“I paid for the coffee that I would have purchased anyway to give it to someone behind me”

You want kindness? You have to give it.

I only hope I can give enough.

Hug a pony my friends.


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