Milestone and misses

I was not able to keep my promise of posting on the 15th. I want to apologize to my readers as i usually have posts in reserve to cover the times of the month on the 1st and the 15th when I post. However, I have had my wonderful family in town and between that and the next paragraph, I missed it.

On the milestone side of things, I have now been published for the 15th time on The This article is still young but is going strong with over 5k likes! It has also been featured multiple times on the Mighty Facebook. I have done my best to answer and respond to everyone’s comments. Thank you all for reading. A link to the article is below. I hope to see you there.

I Am Tired of Being Judged for Using Opioids to Manage My Pain

I love you all and thank you all for your support!

#hugaplushie my friends!


Self care day 8: Blackout

Thank you for joining me on the grand undertaking. There is going to be a lot of work for me and  I hope to be able to keep up. Please make sure to comment, share and follow along as I share some simple things to better your life!

Being able to be so connected and in touch with people in today’s life is amazing. You know what your friends grandma is doing and that your second cousin twice removed is have their teeth cleaned. You also know that one guy you met in a coffee shop once is having for dinner.

Do you ever wonder if it is too much to process?

Being able to be so in touch is fantastic. Plenty of people to talk to or socialize (or just the few close ones for us introverts). We have all of them at our fingertips on our phones. We get the notifications pouring in on the computer. Little birds tweet at us when we get re-tweeted.

Sometimes it can be too much. Sensory overload.

Take a break. Stop.

I want you to plan a time to go on a social media blackout. Let people know in advance so they don’t think something has happened and they call or text at all hours trying to see what happened. Do this for a day, or week, or even a month. Stop the overload.

Purge yourself of all the incoming information.

I did this a few months back. I deleted Facebook from my phone and deactivated my account. Seeing the notifications on my phone when I woke up in the morning was stressful. Checking statuses was painful. Hate was flying around (and still flying around) and I was in physical pain at how hurtful everyone was being.

So I stop the tide.

I gave myself a break and stopped. I cleaned out my hard drive (brain) and let it calm down. I wholeheartedly think that we do not realize that we are getting so much input that it overloads us.

Stop the input.

Work on you.

#hugapony my friends.

Poetry session

I started writing when I was about 8 years old. It all started with a poem about tree frogs. It was not the greatest or most earth shattering poem but it was mine and I was proud of it. Poetry is not my main form of writing (though I have been known to crank out a time Limerick or two).

So I found a poem that I wrote a few years ago that came across my Facebook feed. It is again not the greatest buy it is mine and I thought I would share.


Hide hide, eyes behind the lids of ever night
Drifting in the sea of peace, away from any fright
Sleep sleep so tenderly, away from all my tears
Sleep sleep so sweetly here, beyond man’s petty fears
Away away to peaceful land, of joy evermore
Tis joy just to stay right here, resting to my core
Hide hide from the night, in blankets warm and snug
Away away from the day, in this hole i have dug
Safe safe from troubles here, beyond the devil’s reach
Rest Rest for you and me, protected from any breach
Mellow Mellow my soul so dear against life’s horrid quake
Stay stay against the chance, that you might ever wake
No no you slowly slip, from this gentle grace
Goodbye goodbye you fall away, to the world now you face


1 year ago…

It was one year ago today that I started this blog. I have written a LOT! I am actually surprised at how much I have written. I went down memory lane. Here is the first post.

I am a male, 29 year old, Married, two kids. I hold (and have held) a steady full time job from the times I was about 14 or 15. I was raised in a Christian house with an older brother and 2 younger sisters. My daughters are at 4 and 6 at this time. 

And I suffer from depression. 

Ah yes. The “D” word. Something people throw out when they get upset, When they cant have their way, or just a general “I am depressed”. I am very disappointed that people are so eager almost to classify everything under this category. I wont say that not everyone can be depressed at a point in their life but depression and the byproducts of it are not a normality. So how do I deal with it?  Ponies and stuffed animals.

Not the typical “norm” for a person such as I am. Even I can agree that I am different in this regard. I could be classified as a Brony, Plushie, Furry, or many other labels that are attached to people who are different. I know people will frown, and they do, on me. It is another “cross” to bear (pun intended).

So why am I here? In part to share. To help me get it off my chest. To open myself up and push me to dig myself out of a hole. To reach out and explain why I do what I do. I welcome you to join me.

In this journey that you have joined me on, I have the following stats.

  • POSTS: 171
  • VIEWS: 3,530
  • VISITORS: 2,047

I want to say thank you. All 2000+ visitors, all the views and all the comments and messages I have been sent. This has been one of the coolest things I have been a part of and I cannot wait to see it grow. I get such joy with people who tell me how much I have helped them. I hope to continue to do so.

And so I want to close with a pretty awesome contest (If I do say so myself). I am giving away 3 Rainbow Dash clip on mini plushies. All you have to do to is one or all of the following:

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I will follow and announce the winners within the next month (probably a week but I want to give myself time). The contest is from Aug 4th- Aug 11th 2015. Help me get the word out and maybe win a Plushie.

Again I thank you all.

Hug a pony my friends.