First day back.

So I have been enjoying some time out of my store, both with my vacation and with helping out some other stores with my manager mentoring. I had enjoyed my time off immensely and was looking forward to coming back to work.

I should not have been so excited.

All in all it was a good day. Numbers for everyone was good. We were very busy but we were handling it well. I was training a new person, saw an old manager of mine.

You know, a good day.

Should have been my first clue.

It was about an hour to close and I was helping a regular customer when the phone rang. It was from a private number. Now, if you remember a blog post I did a couple of weeks ago about the prank calling through a private number, you know I am always a little leery. I answer the phone and am immediately greeted by an adult male who is upset to the point of yelling. He asks for one my other key-holders who is not working at the moment and I inform him that they are unavailable. I ask them what the call is about and he interrupts me and says he can only talk to one of the managers. I inform him that I am the store manager and asked if I could help him. He tells me that his son came in a few weeks ago and bought an item from us that requires an ID to purchase and that his son is not of age and was able to purchase the item from my employee without being carded.

Now the employee in question is one of better employees and has never, EVER not followed this policy.  He is one of the better ones.

So I ask him the date of the purchase and he says he doesn’t know. I ask for the receipt and he says his son lost it. I then go to ask him another question and he interrupts me again and tells me to stop stalling and to help him. I told I was trying to and asked how he paid, and he said cash. He then asked why I would let this happen. I told him this was not store policy and I would be starting to look into it but I needed information, only to be interrupted once again by him saying that I was trying to just to protect my employees and that I must approve of the practice of selling items to minors. I told him that was not the case and that we took every one seriously but I needed to do an internal investigation. He asked if I was calling him a liar, to which I was confused and said that I was correcting him on the statement that I do not approve and take the matter seriously.

He then started to demand his money for the game back. I told him I would do everything I could to take care of him but I needed to know some information. He told me that his son had bought it in September (different date now) and that he paid case so there was no way for me to look it up. I asked if his son had a loyalty card with us and he starts YELLING at me that his son was under age and that he was not old enough for a card. I informed him that you only have to be 13 to be a member and he heatedly told me that they did not have a membership. He then insisted that I give me the cash back for the game and that my employee fired.

Now, it has been 15 minutes on the phone. I have a line of customers waiting, a new person on the register wanting help, and a customer that I am in the middle of ringing up waiting patiently. I have been yelled at, called a liar, and told I have to do something because a customer wants it.

Did I mention that I had had a good vacation with no headaches?

So I proceed to tell the customer to bring in the game and I would see what I could do but that I needed more information to start an investigation. The customer told me that that was not good enough and that he want my employee down there, the employee to apologize, me to fire him, and have his money returned in cash. I told him the that I would have to look into the matter before I fired ANYONE. He then demanded his money back. I told him to bring the game back I would see what I could do. He then told me that was not good enough and that he wanted me to say that I would give him his money back. I told him that, Yes I would give him his money back. He then hung up.

Now for the rest of the night, I am stressed out. I am depressed and cannot focus well. My head starts to hurt me and I look at every person who comes in my door with fear in my eyes, waiting to be yelled at some more. At 9 o’clock we close and I start to think it really was a prank call. I think back at how I was torn down. I think about how horrible it is that someone wanted someone fired, and it was a “prank”. How time was wasted and energy spent and people hurt for what? A prank call.

And there are no repercussions.

People are horrible. I see them everyday. I weep for those around me. I rejoice at those who give me a smile because I know how rare that is.

Tonight, I will be clutching a pony for comfort. I will try and unwind and relax enough so my muscles don’t cause me grief tonight. I pray that I can relax enough to sleep. What is sad is I am now dreading tomorrow. I now look at it in fear of what will people say next. All that time off wasted.

Hug a pony my friends.

The call.

So I have been waiting to write this from the moment it happened. It was a busy day at work, being 3 days befoire Christmas and we are busy. I am in the back room running stock. I have been sick all day and have been keeping to the back room. The phone rings and I recieve the following call.

Me: “Thank you for calling [large retail game store], this is [my name] how can I help you?”

Caller (woman in 30s-40s): “Yes I just wanted to let you know that I called you guys earlier and I believe I spoke to you” (I have been at work an hour at this point) “in fact I am pretty sure it was you and I had you read off your sale items to me. I then found the sale item that I wanted and decided that my son and I would come get the skinny jeans that are on sale.”

At this point I put the phone on speaker as one of my assisant managers and another employee are in the room and they start listening. The woman has not stopped yet.

“Well when we got to the store, I sent my son in to get them and they told him they were $39.99 and not $29.99 like you said in the ad this morning and Now I am out side your store upset that you would tell me a promotion that wasn’t going and and I need to know what you are going to do about it? You really should be more careful about what you tell people over the phone. Some people don’t listen and you should do a better job informing them of the current promotions. I am now parked outside your store and I want you to fix this.”

At this point, she has talked for about 5 minutes on the phone, clearly upset, wanting me to fix her  problem. My two employees are in shock, waiting for me to answer as they have no clue what is going on.

Me: “Well ma’am, I am sorry to here that, but here at [large VIDEO GAME retailer] we do not sell skinny jeans, nor do we plan to do so”

At this point my employees hear me say “skinny jeans” and bust out laughing so loud, I have to put my hand over the phone.

Caller: “Who do you think…wait who is this?”

Me: “This is [large VIDEO GAME retailer], a video game retailer, not a clothing store”

Caller: “Oh, this isn’t [large clothing store that sounds nothing like my store]?”

Me: “No ma’am.”

Caller: “Oh” *click*

My employees are trying not to roll on the floor they are laughing so hard. I looked at them and said, “God help whoever that woman does talk to.”

Thinking about it afterward, I feel she should have apologized to me but instead she hung up. Good luck lady, I hope you find your peace in your heart to be nicer to people who are probably just making an honest mistake.