The call.

So I have been waiting to write this from the moment it happened. It was a busy day at work, being 3 days befoire Christmas and we are busy. I am in the back room running stock. I have been sick all day and have been keeping to the back room. The phone rings and I recieve the following call.

Me: “Thank you for calling [large retail game store], this is [my name] how can I help you?”

Caller (woman in 30s-40s): “Yes I just wanted to let you know that I called you guys earlier and I believe I spoke to you” (I have been at work an hour at this point) “in fact I am pretty sure it was you and I had you read off your sale items to me. I then found the sale item that I wanted and decided that my son and I would come get the skinny jeans that are on sale.”

At this point I put the phone on speaker as one of my assisant managers and another employee are in the room and they start listening. The woman has not stopped yet.

“Well when we got to the store, I sent my son in to get them and they told him they were $39.99 and not $29.99 like you said in the ad this morning and Now I am out side your store upset that you would tell me a promotion that wasn’t going and and I need to know what you are going to do about it? You really should be more careful about what you tell people over the phone. Some people don’t listen and you should do a better job informing them of the current promotions. I am now parked outside your store and I want you to fix this.”

At this point, she has talked for about 5 minutes on the phone, clearly upset, wanting me to fix her  problem. My two employees are in shock, waiting for me to answer as they have no clue what is going on.

Me: “Well ma’am, I am sorry to here that, but here at [large VIDEO GAME retailer] we do not sell skinny jeans, nor do we plan to do so”

At this point my employees hear me say “skinny jeans” and bust out laughing so loud, I have to put my hand over the phone.

Caller: “Who do you think…wait who is this?”

Me: “This is [large VIDEO GAME retailer], a video game retailer, not a clothing store”

Caller: “Oh, this isn’t [large clothing store that sounds nothing like my store]?”

Me: “No ma’am.”

Caller: “Oh” *click*

My employees are trying not to roll on the floor they are laughing so hard. I looked at them and said, “God help whoever that woman does talk to.”

Thinking about it afterward, I feel she should have apologized to me but instead she hung up. Good luck lady, I hope you find your peace in your heart to be nicer to people who are probably just making an honest mistake.


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