I just heard Robin Williams died. He made a lot of people laugh. The news story broke 26 minutes ago for me at the time of this writing. Some are saying its a possible suicide from depression.


That is heartbreaking to me.


I have been there. I have had the means. I had the plan. I have had the letter ready, the place and time set. It is only by the grace of God that I managed to escape that. Twice.


Depression is really. Heartbreak is real. Life is not easy. People really need to learn to live around OTHER people. People need to treat other people with respect. I know this will never happen, but we cannot ignore what SHOULD be done.


This lights a fire under me. The whole point of this blog is to show people its OK to like something different. Its here to show that there is an alternative to drugs and psychiatric sessions. Some as simple as a stuffed animal. I can already see the changes in me and I want to help others. THERE IS HELP. 


And it can start with one hug with a stuffed animal.



My condolences to the Williams family. I pray for you. May Robin find peace.


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