I am at an impasse. I am trying to decide to go public with this blog. Now I don’t have this set to private or anything but it is something that I have not posted to any web site or social media. It is here, if for nothing, for my own personal benefit.


However, I would like to go public. I feel if the word would get out there and spread, it would do so good in the world. I feel that giving people an outlet and show them a way to help them is a great thing. Unfortunately the cost is baring my soul, public ridicule, and the general backlash. Though I would have my ponies to help me.


I have had the chance to talk it over with the wife. She is a bit hesitant about the whole idea. She is still uncomfortable about the whole thing. She is supportive, but it is strange to her. I have no qualms against this, I myself recognize that it is a strange thing. I will not carry forward until we are both on board. 


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