So today was rough. I found an old friend passed away, someone who was much younger than me, Work was piling up with no end in sight. They cut our hours again. Just a bad going on. Then my boss came into my store.


He came by to drop something off. I made mention that I needed to talk to him about a few thing I disagreed about. He shook his head and told me he really wasn’t up to par today and he was just having a bad day. Now understand, when my boss comes in unhappy, that is a rarity. If he tells me he is having a bad day, That is a VERY bad thing. We spent a few moments talking about work. I made mention that we had several good things going on around the area and we were hot on performance. I gave him a few things that I needed to have done. Simple things but things he could control. By the time he left, he was smiling and seemed happy. After he left, I sent him a text and told him I was praying for him and that I hoped his day got better. He thanked me and said he would probably be better the next day and that he was just not feeling it today.


One of my greatest passions in life is helping people, in whatever way I can. I have been a shoulder to cry on, A wallet to those hungry, and a place to sleep for those who are tired. I have done my best to be my best for my fellow man (or woman). In doing so, it helps me with my depression. While a stuffed plush helps me through trouble times, I enjoy helping people even more.


Have you helped someone today?


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