I had a wonderful time today seeing a friend. I was taken by surprise when he walked into my store. I had not seen him in a few weeks and I really needed the support. It was a holiday in retail and we were extremely busy. I was working alone and was just a little stressed out. Seeing a friendly face helped me get through some of the madness. As someone who knows about my depression, and knew I needed the support, he stayed at my store for several hours. Then he did something that really touched me.


He asked me to lunch.


Now, as someone who suffers from taking customers too personally and can take things out on myself, this blew me away. It was completely unexpected. I was in shock. I had not brought my lunch today and had planned on tough guying it. It was a beautiful gesture that moved me.


As we went to lunch, he asked how I was doing, how the family was doing, and hows work. He didn’t just ask me, he asked how I was responding to them. He understood that as someone who suffers from depression as I do, its not about the superficial, its what is under my outward emotions, what I keep hidden that mattered. I am still appreciative beyond words for his actions. I feel if everyone could do something for someone else, the world would change. Amazing how many people don’t.


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