Encouragement. That is one of the takeaways I have had with this blog. Both encouragement for myself and from I am finding out others. I have been contacted by many people about my blog. I want to give my thanks to all and to say thank you for all the kind words. Its been just over a month doing this and I have seen a change in me and hope to continue. To all those who say this has helped, please by all means share here on in personal messages as you have been doing. Questions or comments are always welcome. I cannot wait to see if I can help. It truly is a joy for me to help others. Tell friends, and share in the experience and know, even if you are painfully shy, depressed, or an extreme introvert, there is someone to help. 


Thank you all. I am truly blessed, and cannot express my happiness with seeing people encouraging me or being strengthened. Hug a pony my friends!


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