Bad Customer, Redux.

I, once again, had a customer that drove me mad. What was unfortunate is that I had dealt with this one before. I had processed a return for him against company policy to take care of him and get him the product he wanted. After hearing this person accuse my assistant manager of lying to his face, how shitting our store was, and that if I didn’t want to lose my job I should take care of him. This was 3 weeks ago. About a week after I started this blog. I had a migraine for a day.


Now today I have another one. This same person called to ask for his original product back. It has been three weeks and who knows where it was sold or sent back to the warehouse. I told him I could replace it with another like product, and what was wrong with what we had exchanged. He told me that they just opened it up (after NEEDING it three weeks ago, his kids couldn’t live without it)  and the product was dirty, scratched and in a very poor condition. I said I was sorry he felt that way and that if he brought it all back in I would do ANOTHER exchange, but that we would not be able to give his original stuff back. He agreed.


Unknown to me was he had called a sister store and asked to speak to that manager. I talked to that manager after getting off the phone with the customer. The other manager informed me that the customer had asked if I was a vindictive type and would have purposely given him bad product. When the other manager said no, the customer asked if he could do an exchange at his store. The manager also said no and that he should come back to my store. 


I am so angry with this whole situation. I know for a fact that I grabbed the BEST product to do the exchange, to make sure that he was taken care of. I went out of my way to help him out a second time. There is no “Thanks” given in retail. People need to grow up. I really wish it was legal to slap someone when they get crazy. 


Time to hug a pony.


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