Back in the saddle.

So I am back from California and back at work. In doing so, I have exposed myself to the general public yet again. And, as normal, they proceeded to provide me with frustration and grief. I explain over and over, in detail, items that are not that complicated. I have talked about these products at length with MANY customers, so I do have an idea what I am talking about. I have decided that customers want to be ignorant. I cannot tell you how many moms who actually try and understand what their kids play succeed. People want to be ignorant. Plain and simple.

Also, Can we please drop the whole “If you don’t ask you never know what you might be missing.” There are tiny amounts of what I can control on price and trade values. You don’t have to ask me 13 times to give you “just a few dollars more.” I do not have the ability to do that. I told you many times I cannot. Please stop jumping on every word or phrase I say to trick me into getting your way. Please stop telling me I am ripping people off with what I am giving you. Once again I have no control over it. I know you might have paid $400 for it 3 years ago when it was new. I cannot control the prices we give you. Yes cash is less, no I can’t give more for cash. I am sorry you have to buy an item that you are missing that is needed to take your equipment. Yes it was sold and is always sold with that Item. No I cannot give you the item. Yes you have to pay for the item for me to take your system. No I cannot give you a discount on the item because you don’t want to drive home to get the original one.

If only it ended there…


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