I have a really great boss. I enjoy the fact that he does push me to do better. I enjoy the challenges me to do better and always strive to do my best. I also appreciate his open-mindedness. Case in point. I have been carry little Fluttershy around with me as I have not been doing so well with the whole depression thing. I keep her in my pocket and not something I just display everywhere. I had to pull her out to pay for something at a work meeting. My boss glanced over at the same and saw her. He just asked what it was and I told him it was my plush pony. He asked why I had it, with more of a curious tone of voice and not the usual tone of disgust I get from people. I just briefly said it was part of a therapy I was doing. He just said “Oh” and went back to doing what he was doing. Not a moment hesitation or judgement. Just purely accepted me as a person. It was quite amazing and reassuring.

Hug a plushy my friends. It can help and make a difference.


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