Treading water.

So After a lovely weekend at a Brony convention call Nightmare Nights (I plan on posting more about that later), I find myself back at work yet again. I was unexpectedly greeted by HORDES of families to my extreme confusion. Evidently, I was unaware that the local children were off school today, much to my dismay. I happened to also have a scheduling snafu that had 4 people trying to be onboarded (HR paperwork for a new job) all throughout today. This was also on top if the normal incoming boxes, outgoing shipments, counts that need to be done every week. Also, today is when I have a mandatory conference call, which I have to give parts of and be prepared with 2 hours prep. All this by myself for most of the day.

Stressful right?

So I ended up giving myself a break and deciding that what I do is the best of my ability (I have always felt I do my best and try to even do better) and not worry about it so much. I am one man (who likes ponies) and I cannot bare the weight of the world.

Now to hug a pony for stress relief.


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