Darkest of Fridays.

It was a day. I have been through several years of Black Fridays and this one is up there. It wasn’t the fact of people breaking out in fights (Which surprisingly did not happen this year) or the gross amount of people cursing at me and threatening my job (which DID happen this year).

It was different.

It was slower then other black Fridays. I did not have as many transactions or sales as I have had in years pass. The foot traffic, so far, seems less. But something was off.

It was the people.

I have talked to many a folk around me and this year we agree that people’s attitudes were more than terrible this year. We know we have a lot of grumpy people out and about, but this year was different. We didn’t have those good greatful customers to counter the bad. The average customer was ten times worse than normal. EVERYONE was grumpy and upset.

It makes for a long, long day.

And so, my friends, take time to thank you retail/food server people who work the holidays. It means a lot to us. I, myself, have taken to going out of my way to thank someone each day. Spread the love people. In the motto of the Bronies, who I am a part of, Love and Tolerate.

I will do my best in this. Hug a pony.


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