Auld Lang Syne

This year is coming to a close and I am enjoying a few days off (in a row!). I wanted to write a few quick words talking about the past year and this blog.

It has been an up and down year for me. I have grow a lot and started a blog that people read (which is exciting!). I have endured quite a bit of hardships but I have stayed the course and am pushing through.

Thank you all who read this. I started this blog for me to express myself and to give encouragement for others. Seeing people reading this is quite invigorating.

Thank you to my wife and daughters who are my world.

Thank you for awesome co-workers and a great boss.

Thank you to innumerable friends that have helped me.

Thank you to the Brony community this year for giving me an outlet for my fandom.

Thank you for my family.

I have enjoyed this year greatly but will be glad to see it over and have a fresh start. My year next year be great, dear reader. And, if it isn’t. Grab a plush, pastel coloured pony and maybe that will help.


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