New Ponies and more!!!

This is a Fandom post for me so forgive me if I seem to geek out over this because I really am.

I have been to Build a Bear for their wonderful collection of My Little Ponies. I have posted one picture (without my face being shown) but today I received even more ponies!

20988_10206202374608363_6129225400747938833_n 603860_10206202374968372_2258266771234486908_n

I now have a few nine ponies taking up a shelf. For some reason this makes me REALLY happy! I also am waiting on a another I ordered that was discontinued. I am now missing just the new three that were released (Luna, Shining Armor, Cadence) Spike (he is the one on order), and the three cutie mark crusaders though my daughters have 2 of them (Applebloom and Sweetie Bell) and the third one was discontinued and is IMPOSSIBLE to find (Scootaloo). Scootaloo I have only seen on Ebay AU and it was 40+ dollars for the doll and 40+ dollars for shipping. 80 is not in price range. I will have to wait on her.

The other item I got surprised me. Someone, somewhere, somehow got my address and shipped me the following Item.


I have an idea who it was but I am not sure. I am truely touched. Gifts are very special to me and make me feel very happy. No, not because of me getting stuff. Its more of “someone thought of me”

It warms my heart.

Hug a pony my friends. I invite you to join a fandom or a hobby or something that you enjoy and can enjoy with other people. Spread the love my friends.


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