Almost falling.

I am weary. My legs and arms are beat. My body is trying to rebel against me. The weight of the world is on my shoulders and I am slipping. Almost every aspect of my life is inducing stress on me at this moment.

I have been trying to post positive things. Talking positive leads to thinking positive, or so i have been told. I have kept a good face up for a lot of people. I have responsibilities to my family, friends, and employees.

I am just so exhausted of keeping it up.

I am tired of being called out for what i believe in. I have said before that I believe what I believe. I have never forced anyone else to believe it, and I stand firm in what I believe in. Getting called out or grouped together with being labeled as something because of my belief is tiresome. I am a Christian. That does not mean I hate people. I believe that we are called to love everyone. Stop calling me a racist, homophobic, think “I” am better than everyone else.


You don’t know me.

This blog is me.

Hug a pony my friend


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