Oh the joys of retail.

You know how it goes. You work retail, you help a bunch of customers, make a few people smile, stock some shelves, answer the phone.

And the someone threatens to get you fired.

So it went like this today. I was have your typical retail day. Some good customers, some rude ones, and all the ones in between.

Then I had a young man come in want to buy something that has an age requirement. I asked him if he was og age and he said no. I asked if his parent or legal guardian was here and he said no. He said he had his mother’s ID and that she said it was ok to sell him whatever he wanted.

Dont they all.

When I refused he then asked if he could put his mother on FaceTime and give permission that way and, while being a new one I hadn’t been asked, I said no. He then called his mother and told her the situation. He then said that she wanted to talk to me.

Oh joy of joys.

I answered the phone and was immediately greeted with curse words and bitching (cause that helps everything). I explained that this was something I could not override only to be told that I was being a jerk and just didn’t want to sell her son the item (and not make money evidently). She explained that she was a peace officer who had a disability and couldn’t come up there and that I should just sell her son what he wanted. I refused.

She then asked to speak to my boss, who isnt at the store, and i told her I would ask for her sake but it probably wouldn’t change anything. I called, my boss agreed with me, he reaffirmed that I would lose my job if I did do it and I picked back up the other phone.

Once again I explained that I could not do it and that I would lose my job only to be interrupted with how horrible of a person I was and that I would be fired over this injustice and she wanted my name, my boss’s name, his boss’s name and the number for my corporate offices. I, in her mind I guess, was the worst person in the world.

I gave her all the information she asked for and even managed to suggest that she go online to order the item so it could be shipped to her house but that was not good enough.

Some people just can’t be pleased.

Sigh, hug a pony friends. My head hurts. 


3 thoughts on “Oh the joys of retail.

  1. I feel for you, man. I got so sick and tired of working in retail and hospitality – all the hassle people give you and treat you like less than nothing – I could never do it again. Even if the good customers made me smile and cheered me up, it still wasn’t worth it.

    I’m grateful to finally have found a job working in a warehouse, not having to deal with anything like that. It’s not something I would’ve considered before, but it’s turned my idea of work around completely. Have you tried that line of work before?


    • I have. I actually came from a chemical warehouse that was in such bad shape that I feared for my safety. If I could find one with better hours I might go back but I was in a bad place at that time.

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      • Ah that doesn’t sound too great :/ It might be worth another shot (in a different, safer environment obviously) if you’re in a better place now.

        It’s tough to get a proper measure of things when we’re in a bad place. I once managed to land myself a very promising and well-paying IT contract, but ended up resigning after just a few months due to stress. Looking back, the stress had nothing to do with the actual job – more with my personal life – but sadly I couldn’t figure that out at the time 😦

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