On the road again.

I am on my way to work another convention. I have a few updates to give before  jetting off the weekend.

First, we gave one of our cars to a friend in need. We just got a newer car from my wife’s aunt passing away. We had a friend who needed a car to get to work. I had hoped to bless someone with it and we did.

Second, my wife had an accident in the new car. By the grace of God she is OK. The car is not so much. We are back down to one car. I am just beyond thankful she is safe.

Last, I am just being thankful for being alive. It has been a very rough week or two. Most thoughts have been very dark. I am thankful for friends who have helped me through this. I  thankful for bright coloured ponies who make me smile. I am thankful for all the brony friends I have. I am most grateful and thankful for my family.

Hugging ponies on the road my friends.


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