Girly girls.

I attended the most wondrous dance performance at a charming location in my living room. I sat down with my freshly brewed coffee from the local theaters café, some place called Keurig, and was told the show began in about 5 minutes.

The show featured 2 up and coming stars on the ballet scene. The choreography was stellar and intricate. Each dance move thought out with precision and tact. Seeing these young dancers dance must bring so much joy to their father, as I heard they were both sisters. There came an explosion of pixie dust at the end (made from non toxic biodegradable shaved crayons I am assured) that ended the performance. The audience broke out into applause for a full minute as the young dancers took 3 bows before retiring from the stage. All in all.

I got a chance to meet said young dancers backstage after the performance. I got hugs from both and was asked my thoughts on the entire production. I told them it was simply splendid and I could not wait for the next one. They thanked me and hugged me and asked then to play on Minecraft.

I love my daughters.

Hug a spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, or pony today my friends.



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