Finding yourself.

I have done quite a few activities and tests to explore who I am over the past 7 years. I have fought hard and struggled with some of the results. I came to a point that I was not willing to accept any more criticism from what the results where telling me. Then my wife came across one that changed what I thought about everything.

My dearest wife was given the 16 Personalities test online to find out more about herself for her direct sales job. This test comes from the Myers & Briggs psychological types that have been identified. She answered the one hundred or so questions and got the lettered results. If you have never seen them, here is a brief overview of the types:


After getting her results she looked through and tried to figure out mine. She made a guess and asked me to take the test.

I was hesitant.

I have issues with these sorts of test because it seem all subjective to whoever made the test, what mood the person is in taking it, and I almost never relate to the answer. After some pleading from the person dearest to my heart (i.e. she looked me deep in my eyes and told me to do it),  I accepted her request.

I was surprised with the result.

I found out I was an INFJ. As you can see from the list above it means I have Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. I went on through the results as the gives you more insight into yourself and I was fascinated.

This really did show me more about myself.

I am one of the smallest populated personality type (less than 2% of the population) which might explain more of why people would have issues understanding more about me. It told me I have have great instincts and judgement calls. One of my flaws was that I could get overwhelmed sometimes and would need to take time and decompress. Something like writing a blog even. There were famous people with this personality type also.

Mother Teresa

Nelson Mandela


Mahatma Gandhi

Thomas Jefferson

Leo Tolstoy

I was floored. There was no way I could be put in the same sentence as these names. But here was a test (that I took multiple times from several sites with the same result) telling me that I was special. This was a hard thing for me to accept. I talked about it with my wife and a few of my closest friends and they all agreed that it hit my personality on the head.

It is hard being faced with who you are, even if it is too good.

This had shown me more about myself than anything before. I was fascinated and I still am. I will be doing a few more posts on this subject but I wanted to encourage anyone to go to and find out more about themselves.

Hug a pony my friends.


2 thoughts on “Finding yourself.

    • I did not. I just did the free one. I would love to try the premium report as I have heard it narrows down the smaller details I am told. It’s about 95% accurate for the free one and 100% for the premium. I just do not have the funds to do the premium.


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