Fighting the “Brony” fight.

I love my friends. They come across something My Little Pony related and they send it my way. I absolutely love being that guy.

Today, a friend sent me this awesome post:

The Politics Of My Little Pony

Mom blogger HerBadMother writes about her son and his love of My Little Pony.

I can absolutely relate when HerBadMother says “This is why we have Girls Who Code (which is great) but not Boys Who Nurture.” As a stay at home day dad, I understand the struggles and they are real. Being the homemaker as a male is not very well accepted. Telling people that I hold down the home while my wife works gets me looks that make me feel less than OK.

And then there is me being a brony as well.

I remember when I worked at Gamestop (I have worked even if I don’t now), a little boy, about 9, came up to the cash register. He had 2 ponies attached to his belt loop. I asked him about it and the boy’s father started making excuses for the boy saying they were his sisters. The boy had a flash of pride and told his dad the ponies were his. I got down on one knee, looked him in the eye, and asked who his favorite pony was, “Twilight”, he said. “Mine is Fluttershy,” I responded. I then told him he was awesome for liking ponies.

“It’s totally understandable, to Jasper and his friends,” HerBadMother writes “why girls like Star Wars. There are spaceships, and light saber battles, and the one princess in the series is actually a general who wears pants. But My Little Pony? That’s all about sparkle and unicorns and kindness; it’s a world full of puffy clouds and rainbows and friendship, where the character’s powers are signified by ‘cutie marks.’ It’s the very definition of girly.”

The land of Equestria (Where My Little Pony is set) is filled with rainbows and cutie marks and lots of pink. There are lessons on friendship and how to be kind to others. And then there’s a raging demon tearing up the country side. Ponies get sucked into a comic book and have to fight Avengers style. They have a dragon just coming into manhood and being picked on for not being manly enough. There’s epic battles in the sky that rival Star Wars … OK that is a stretch but the comparison has been made by more than just me.

There are whole conventions dedicated to My Little Pony, where fans of all ages and genders go to have fun and enjoy the fandom. Even Cosmopolitan agrees!.

My most recent birthday party was pink and rainbows.

I want to say, HerBadMother, thank you. Let your son know that there are plenty of boys and men who like My Little Pony such as myself.

We are out there and there is no shame.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the Bronies!



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