Remembering Stan Lee.

This is a special post for a special person. As with all deaths that happen around me, I have a saying by Richard Adams from Watership Down:
My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

So this post is dedicated to the man, Stan Lee. You brought happiness and stories to life for us. You gave us some of the most exciting characters. You should the world what good there is in humanity and what we should fight for.

I met you once. It was brief and only lasted a few seconds. I thanked you for all the work you had done. You smiled and said it was a pleasure. You were in every marvel movie as a cameo. I now cry in thought of seeing those words we have all dreaded to see on screen, “In loving memory of Stan Lee.”

I speak on behalf of all those who loved comics, thank you.

#hugapony my friends.



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