I just got back from an anime convention. I do work these and generally enjoy my time. People supporting what they love. They work all year on a costume and they get a chance to show it off. They run to panels to see their favorite voice actors. They can buy all kinds of crazy, awesome items. They have fun.


Most of the time. 


Its funny to see that even in this grouping, certain groups of people have trouble accepting another. Sure fandoms collide but this is different. The picking and teasing starts, people cry, and they try to kill themselves. Literally. They say “I want to end my life” Those words, those soul crushing words, are devastating to me. So I talk. I talk to them. If they dont talk, I talk about me and try and have them join in a conversation. I try and relate to them. I try my best to be a people person. 


I am not.


I am an introvert that enjoys staying inside all day doing nothing. I love nothing more in the world than to curl up with a book. I hate crowds. I hate people in groups. I dislike most of the people in groups. But give me a person. Let me have a 1 on 1 with them, and I can do great things.


I enjoy letting people talk about themselves. When they open up and are completely honest. They share things with you that they dont want to admit. What they are fans of, or what fetishes they have, or even those who like multi-coloured ponies. When you can let them talked about it, they have a moment of freedom. They reveal who they really. Some cannot say all or even get more than a word or two out but they talk. That is what this blog is all about. This is my confession. 


I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I love stuffed animals and have for years. I enjoy putting on furry ears and a tail. If I had paws, I would wear those as well. 


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