So I went to work the first day after my week long vacation at an anime convention. I was not wanting to go back. Dreading it to be precise. I was scheduled to work a job fair and to do interviews. Lots of people. Lots of new people. Not my best environment.  


So I brought along my little plush Fluttershy in my bag. I made sure to rub her nose as it is a calming technique I use. I have done this for a few years at some of the conventions I work. I usually keep her in my pocket but as I am working a professional job I have to keep her in my bag.  I tried to only pull her out while driving. Even though it was a long day, and I had a major headache from the stress about to hit me, I decided to pull her out after the interviews while driving home. My body relaxed, my mind was soothed, and my headache went away. I did not take pain meds or do anything else. My body just calmed down. 


I was so happy to just be calm. I was able to focus when I got back to my job. I did not forget anything (that I can remember). I was able to still be stern and discipline an employee. My whole personality changed. It was such a relief. I cant wait to keep using this.


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