Scent of a wife.

I am missing my wife terribly. Both my wife and my daughters are gone for 2 weeks. Part of why I started this blog is to write down my feelings so they don’t stay bottled up inside. I have suffered through depression and am trying to avoid that again.   My way of doing this is by sleeping with a stuffed Fluttershy plush. My family surprised me with her on my birthday. I daughters faces were beaming when they saw my smile at the store. My wife had the slightly smug look about her when she knew that it was a perfect gift. Memories so powerful, I hope to avoid depression.   Something I did to help me calm down at night and sleep is to spray Fluttershy with one of my wife’s perfumes. Now, I know some people might get upset or creeped out by this but for me it helped me get used to her. Just smelling the scent of my wife just melted away anxiety, the soft fur brushing my face was the perfect textile to help me sleep. I curled up in the fetal position like i used to do as a kid and slept. No dreams, no nightmares, just sleep.   And it was good.


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