So my co-workers approached me about being a brony and liking MLP:FiM (My little Pony: Friendship is Magic). I have always been a self proclaimed brony, and have enjoyed the show immensely. The writing is fantastic, The voice work is well done, animation is incredible. I will shout to the ends of the earth My love for this show.


But being approached by my peers is something different.


I will admit, it is hard to fit in to the “cool” crowd when you have a love for this show, like girly things, or even being a furry. I have never hid from these and have embraced them as much as I can. It amazes me that someone can be gay, and come out of the closet, and receive attention, support, and love from most people (I have quite a few gay and lesbian friends) but If you say you are straight, you like MLP or plushies, there is something seriously wrong with you or you are a pedophile. It is an instant snap for people. Their brains can’t comprehend that someone about 30, male, straight, married, 2 kids, would even be remotely involved with this “kids stuff”


My coworkers responded well. I did not “geek out” or go overboard with my fandom. They made a few comments about a person or 2 were bronies and would work well for my store. They did pass silent judgement from what I could tell, but overall it was a positive response.


After work, we gathered back together for dinner, and someone had brought their daughter who was a huge MLP fan. I of course asked what her favorite pony was, what she liked and had a wonderful time having a small talk with her. She was so surprised and almost embarrassed for me. She was so happy to have an adult enjoy her pastime. I almost brought out my Plush Fluttershy to show her, but I felt that might be a bit much, and it is very special to me. 


I am sitting here wondering what would have happened if I did.


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