I am sitting in anticipation of my family’s return. I have not told my wife about this blog. I am a shy person by nature. I am a tiny bit scared to show her. I am usually not open with myself and this is as close to baring my soul as I can get.


I had a few customers today that caused me more than a few gray hairs. I was closing a store by myself, 4 people in line, 1 person with a big incoming order. In the midst of dashing around to help people, one customer who hadn’t been in the store more than 2 minutes, came over and asked me to recommend an item to them. I politely told them that I had a line of people waiting to check out and that I was already helping 2 other customers. The gentleman insisted that I stop helping those customers, because they were waiting in line already, and help him as he came to me and asked me. I refused again (while still running to grab another order, he was following me) and said that he could wait in  line or wait till I was done. He got upset and left.


I was extremely stressed out as this was just one person I had today. I had about 5 different customers that were acting fools or just were plain bad customers. This would have normally lead to an evening of shutting down, Melding my mind to a video game or my computer, while nursing a migraine. I have had a better time controlling my stress and my depression, so I plowed through the rest of my evening and when I closed I ran to the back room. I had my pocket pony that I take to work in my bag and went through my personal calming technique. It is wonderful to say that I was able to proceed with cleaning my house, doing laundry, and the general tasks that I needed to get done. I was able to function almost like a normal person. All due to my pocket pony.


I am so happy. I can’t wait to see how well this continues.


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