So I have quit smoking for over 6 years now, and have been off again, on again with dipping. It was a stress relief and helped calm my nerves. I know all too well the sigh of relief that comes from that first puff, that minty fresh taste that wakes you up in the morning. The cool mist that releases all the stress from that last customer, to the last draw before bedtime. I have worked almost full-time from the time I was 14 or 15. I have worked in almost every industry you can think. I worked as a Tractor salesman/farm help, Industrial plumbing, retail, food services, security, all but the medical field. I have worked in many a high stress job. I have backed off quite a bit in recent years from my indulgence but have never gotten a way to kick it. I would still come home with migraines and stress induced illnesses even with tobacco. Now I feel I can try something different. Stuffed ponies.


Yes stuffed ponies, like what is found in My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. It is no hidden secret that in this blog my feelings on the matter. I have 2 that I use. I have a small Fluttershy that I can carry in my pocket. I have used her during stressful times running security at conventions. Just simply rubbing her nose and closing my eyes can calm me down. I have made it a kind of ritual. I cant remember how many times I saved myself from something rash by just taking a second and rubbing her nose.


The second one I use is a Large Fluttershy from build-a-bear. My wife and kids surprised me on my birthday and took me there to make her. It was one of the most touching things I have ever have happen in my life. It still beings me a smile, joy, and even tears to my eyes. Because of this, Large Fluttershy has a very special place in my heart. During this past 2 weeks, my family has been gone out of town. I have had to work and do security for a convention. Being alone is not the greatest thing for me. I have used both these stuffed ponies as tools to calm myself and to keep myself from drifting to too dark a place. I hope to continue to use these as a means to get rid of my tobacco habit. I hope it works.




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