Better life.

I have seen a quite a change over the past few weeks. So much so, other people are taking notice. My wife and I had had a conversation the other day. She was shocked at the fact that I had been doing more housework, spending more time with her and the kids. The change was drastic enough that she was confused at the change. She said that in 8 years of marriage, she has never seen me this active.


We also had a talk about the stuffed pony.


She was concerned that I was replacing her, or that I would talk to the pony before her. She was feeling cut out. I explained that the only thing I do is hug the pony. The tactile feel of it calms me and lets my brain slow down and function. It helps me be able to talk with a focused mind.


It helped me communicate with her and get my thoughts out in a cohesive manner.


Now to be honest, I have a terrible time explaining what I am thinking. My mind works WAY faster than my mouth. I can be 3 steps ahead of someone in a conversation and not realize it. It is a great thing to have when playing something like chess. It is absolutely terrible when trying to explain something. Finding a way to help with that is a godsend.


All thanks to a stuffed yellow plush.


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