So, today I had my first stress headache. My wife didn’t sleep well last night and woke up with a headache. Starting the day out stressed out is never fun. Work hit hard and fast. I went in to a full store and only one other employee today. We were slammed all day, work was piling up, no end in sight. I stepped into the back only to find my pony was not in my bag.


I was heartbroken.


I left her at home. Tension headache was building, stress rising and I still had 4 hours left in the day. I am very fortunet that I have been doing so well with my depression and stress cause today would have put me on my back. It would take me a few days to recover from this. Today was stressful and hard but with the progress I have be making, I made it through.


And that makes everything awesome.


PS, I did just watch the Lego Movie and that stupid song is now stuck in my head. 


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