New kid.

So I was working today. It feels like I work everyday, all day, without stop. I have been hit several pieces of bad news today. My sister’s dog, who was like a member of the family, passed away after 11 years. I lost 2 of my favorite vendor reps for my store. Next week, I have to work SO much overtime. It was generally a bad day. I am trudging along the best I can when I was helping a boy and his dad.

These were very thorough people. They took their time, asked a lot of questions. Also, the day seemed to be a stand-offish type who wanted his 9 year old to be grown up and ask all the questions, pay, and be the person in charge of the transaction. I handled my business, and tried to help any way I could. We finally got to the register and he pulled out his wallet and I noticed that he had several key-chains on his belt loop. Almost all of them were My Little Pony characters.

I asked him if he watched the show and he said yes. His dad got worried and said he must have seen it with his sister. The boy turned and said that, no he liked it and introduced her to it. The dad then looked at me apologetically. I looked at the boy and asked his favorite character was. He responded enthusiastically with Twilight Sparkle! The dad rolled his eyes. I looked at him and said, “Mine is Fluttershy, though I really like Twilight as well” The dad’s eyes bugged out of his head at this point. I looked at him and told him that I watched it with my daughters, and that I had introduced it to THEM, and that it was a fantastic show. The boy very cheerfully thank me for my help and left with a bewildered father. It cheered me up.

I just want to say, Thank you new kid! Welcome to the herd. Brohoof, and enjoy the fandom. Hug a pony my friend.


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