Music redux.

So, I have been in a funk lately. I have had a rough time at work, gotten into it with my boss a bit, been REALLY stressed out with upcoming events and changes. Pile on the home life and my daughters in school and it makes for a stress ball of badness.

That being said, I have a list of music I listen to when I need some uplifting pick-me-ups. It ranges from My Little Pony songs to Classical to Speed Metal and beyond. I will have many different mood swings and I like to have a list.

Well today I was very touch when a friend and co-worker of mine posted on my wall a song. I was still in a “bleh” mood and was not doing better then this past week. He posted the song and just said “I find this song super uplifting and thought you may too. Give it a whirl whenever you feel a little blue.”

Just a quick line and a link. I was extremely touched. It totally changed me day. I had a few other moments of joy that really put it over the top after a crumby week. I am very thankful. Just a few lines can change a persons day.

Hug a pony my friends and spread the love and happiness.


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