Positive thinking Challenge 1

I was challenged by my sister to do the positive thinking challenge and come up with 3 things each day that are positives in my life. I was challenged a few weeks ago but as I hate the internet craze that goes around every month, I generally try not to participate. This however, I feel will help reinforce what this blog means to me.

1. My wife. She is my rock, She helps me every day. She does her best when she doesn’t understand me. She works with me to find the best in me. She pushes me to be better, and she is honest with me. She is brutally honest which I need. I would not be where I am today without her. I fought for her, will continue to fight for her, and look forward to spending every second of time with her. I love you my dearest.

2. My Daughters. Both of you are my pride and joy. You are smarter than anyone your age or 10 years older. I cannot believe the passion for life you both have. I remember the days when each one of you was born. I remember cutting the cord, giving you both the freedom of life. I have accepted the responsibility of raising you the best way possible.

3. Ponies. Yes, Ponies. I have enjoyed the community and the people of My Little Pony:Friendship is magic. It has been a joy seeing people come together for a common show. I have enjoyed the writing, the music, I respect the voice actors and animations, and the am proud to be a part of the fandom. The tagline for the fandom is “Love and Tolerate” and how is that a bad thing.

There is my day one. I look forward to seeing the positives later this next week.


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