Working stressed.

I hate being stressed out. I have the usual list of work, family, life, and work (yes twice as much work). I just have a bad time with handling stress. I am not known for my long term stress relief. I psych myself out all the time, and will have an immediate bad reaction. Now, once my brain processes the information and I can sort things out, I do OK. But, there are some bad lows for me.

Last night I had a lot on my mind. So much work has pilled up. I was stressed out, trying to go to sleep. My beautiful wife was trying to sleep next to me. She felt the tension coming off of me. There was so much stress coming off of me, she was getting nauseated. I wasn’t talking or doing anything, and it was affecting my wife. That of course in turn was stressing me even more, and so on. Needless to say, it was a bad night. I like my sleep, my wife REALLY likes her sleep, and I like my wife to sleep. It was fun times.

Now to hug a pony and get some sleep.


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