Job or life?

I have no problem working 44+ hours a week for my job. I have dont even have a big problem with working that extra 4+ hours and not getting paid for it cause I am salary. I work hard all the time and try and be the best employee I can.

That being said.

I have hit a point in my job where I cannot “leave” work. It follows me home, it wakes me up in the morning, it interrupts dinner. If I add the time it takes away from my “free” time to my work hours, how much time off work do i have? The only answer i can come up with is, not a lot. This is also why I dont like the holidays. I see other people spending time with their families as I spend less time with mine. My friends largely consist of fellow employees (I love you all dearly, to be sure) but not too many others.
I feel my time is being taken away from me one hour long conference call at a time.

Time to hug a pony.


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