I have a purpose for this blog. Actually I have several, but I will focus on the main ones. I believe some people do not understand my meaning behind this writing I do and I would like to better explain myself.

First of all, this blog is for me. It is not technically not for anyone else as far as therapy, but for me to express myself in writing. It’s a way to vent, release these pent up emotions that threaten to drown me. I express myself better in writing. I have a way with words on a paper that I don’t in speaking. My mind races at a million miles an hour and, for me to write, makes me slow down enough to focus on getting everything off my chest.


Second, I feel I can write well. I enjoy it and I believe I have a knack for it. I have been published with poetry that I have written. I also think this helps me to expand my writing capabilities.

I am so humble, I know.

I also believe I can be of help to people that suffer through some of the same things that I do. Being there, showing others that they are not alone in their misery. I have my credentials in the being depressed department and how to deal with it. I also have helped others in past and I feel I can do more in the future.

After you have sat with someone who was trying to jump down an elevator shaft for an hour and realize you have stood in the same spot, it is a wake up call.

And Last, for now, I do enjoy my Ponies (from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic) and the plush toys. I enjoy the show and the fandom that comes with it. I use this as a help for me. As part of a therapy, I have found that plushies have a way of calming me down. Not something I know for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it.

I am the one who knocks…and hugs ponies.


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