Friends. A great TV show but also something I have needed in my life.  I have enjoyed talking to people and hanging out but I am naturally socially awkward. I have been called many names over the years. Shy, Quite, The Queer Kid, all of them hurt.  But the few friends I have made have been with me through a lot.

My best friend in the whole world is my wife. She and I met in college and started hanging out. I was dating another girl at the time and my future wife saw she was a bad choice for me and would let me know it. She was there through the break up and the get back together and then the final break up. She stood by watching me make mistakes and told me not too and then help whip me into shape when I got depressed. After awhile we did grow closer together and ended up deciding to spend the rest of our lives with each other. I will never forget our wedding and the theme was “I married my best friend.” I love you my dear.

Another great friend I have known for years is kinda of a ladies man. He and I have known each other for about 14 years now and we still remained close. When we met I was still struggling to find out what kind of person I would be (not easy for a nerdy geek who reads a lot to live in southwest Georgia). He was a hyperactive high-schooler who just didn’t seem to grow up. We had some epic clashes and our personalities seem like 2 complete opposites, but together, with a third friend who was kinda of a catalyst, We have helped each other through the roughest times.

I have a good amount of friends now days and always seem to add more, even being the Gamer geek brony hodgepodge of a person I am. I salute each and every one of them and hopefully will be able to write about each one of them. We had some over for dinner last night and were about to play a few games and it turned out to be a great relaxing evening. One I have not had in a while.

Thank you all.

If you are reading this, know that you are my friend, dear reader. We will share a bond that authors have and that is special. You get to share in my joys and sorrows. While this is mainly a one way street, there are ways to leave comments and share your feelings as well. I will admit that opening yourself up is difficult (just doing this blog is hard) but it does share the burden with others. Just remember, you are a friend, I care for each of you, and lets help each other.

Hug a pony my friends.


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