Down down down.

Life is fickle. It loves to play with me. I sometimes feel like a ball of yarn for a cat to play with. Life wouldn’t be life without a few curve balls but it sometimes just feel like it comes out of left field.

From a another stadium.

Both my cars are on the knife’s edge. It started off slow with my van’s tires needing replacing. They had just been replaced earlier this year so something else was wrong. I took it to get an alignment checked and lo and behold, more trouble. The front mounts are shot and need replacing. About a grand to replace. The van has over 215,000 miles on it so it becomes tricky because putting money into isn’t the best long term option.

Well, this makes life fun.

So I decide to take my car to get the alignment checked because of a bad shaking in the rear axle. I take it up there and SURPRISE more bad news. The back tires are bald and the alignment is off. They try and fix it, and once again it is never that simple. The rear mounts are bent and need replacing. Those only cost another 300 bucks to get replaced, then new tires, and another alignment. So because I like to live dangerously, I declined service because I am not made of money.

Now I am more than grateful as the van was given to me, and the car has kept my wife safe in 2 different accidents. I know and count my blessings. I have a job, a wonderful family who loves me. I have been hit with a lot of death this year, work troubles, and other personal events (just read this blog to find out about those). But through all this I have tried to push through with things to help me (PONIES!). I just feel failure because it doesn’t seem like I can keep all the balls in the air. I have been told I am a master juggler with things. Truth be told, I don’t know how it all stays up.

So with this, I have no hopeful ending. No triumph or happiness to end this post. Just me hugging ponies. I am my own worst critic and will drive myself to be the very best (Pokemon!). I always end up disappointing myself.

Hug a pony, my friends. I know I will.


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