Dam dirty thieves.

I hate thieves. I hate people who prey on others, be it companies or people. Stealing is something that disgusts me. I loss my cool when I see, hear, talk about thieves. I am having trouble writing this as I type.

I had 2 people steal over 500 hundred dollars of stuff from my store this weekend. I found out today. I have them on camera. I have their drivers license info. I have their email address for crying out loud. I have their whole life. I have them on camera.

Idiots man.

They came in while we are busy with the holidays. They came to do business, like a normal customer. They wait for a employee on register and walk around the store. Its about 4:30 pm. Looking back on it now, I can see them scoping out the store. They look at a few items and position themselves behind a wall and grab an item, like they are looking at it. They wait for the employee to look away and they casually walk away zipping up the coveralls that the guy is wearing. They leave soon after and end up selling the stuff back at a sister store down the street.

But wait there’s more.

They come back in at 5:30. They know we are busy and say they want to sell some stuff to us. They are very cautious and almost skittish because we are keeping a close eye on them. They wait for the employees to walk away as they wait by an item they were looking at earlier. The moment the employee’s back is turned they are using a Alpha Key (a special device with a magnet in it, used as theft prevention) they have acquired from somewhere and 2 more items are taken. The girl stuffs them in her jacket and hurries out the door. We finish the trade with the guy and he leaves soon after.  10 minutes later they are selling the stuff down the road. The brashness is overwhelming.

I am trying to contain my anger as I am typing this. I have stopped several times to collect myself. Why? Why do people think its right to steal. They are not just stealing an item. They are stealing my time, the company’s time, the police’s time, my money (yay no bonus…), and who knows the other ramifications. This is not a victim-less crime. This hurts so many people. The amount of time and energy and effort wasted on these two scumbags is staggering.

But wait, there is more.

I found out they have been doing this for months. I sent the pictures of them to my district manager and he sent them to the region. I soon got an email from another DM saying the have been working their way north for months and have hit MANY store along the way. This is a way of life for these people.

Now, I get it. Times can be tough and yes there are times when stealing seems the “only” way. I have been there. Times when I was tempted to take a roll of toilet paper from work because I knew I was out at home, and could not buy it for another 2 days. Do the math, four people live with me, two days. Ramon is a staple at my house at times. Paycheck to paycheck is the normal, much to my regret. I just wrote a piece about my car and van issues. I know poor. I know what it is like to see the last can of food. I know the times when you have to beg family and friends for money to just make it one more week. I have been very blessed and am beyond grateful for the help people have provided for me. I have been on the receiving end of a church gift for a needy family. I have given to them but never thought I would have received one.

I know pain, I know sorrow, and I know poor. Yet in all that time, I didn’t steal. I know how hard times can be. I know it all too well. I feel for these people. I really do. One day it will catch up with them. I am sorry they did it. I now need to go calm myself down and hug a pony.


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